Room 77 has been serving the Graefekiez area of Kreuzberg since [2007 citation?]. The Room, as it is often called, was the first “brick and mortar” business in the world to accept bitcoin for food and drink. The following is an unofficial (and certainly not exhaustive) list of goings on within the walls of the Room.

Warm beer, cold women and fast food made slow.

From the beginning up until January 2019 Room 77 served:

The best fucking burgers in town
The best fucking nachos in town
Unexpected political flavour combinations

Bitcoin Wallet

In order to stop having to type commands into a terminal on a laptop to pay for beers with bitcoin, Andreas hacked together the first mobile bitcoin wallet for Android.

Download this Bitcoin Wallet from:

Sospesa Tradition

The old Room 77 menu explained the sospeso tradition which was a simple honor system way to “pay-it-forward” anonymously to a stranger down on their luck and in need of a drink.


While originally about coffee, the Room’ did it for beer as well.


Would be cool to bring this back using Lightning to allow for “virtual sospesos” to be donated from anywhere in the world, as has been done in the past randomly.

Regarding Horse Thieves

Lore has it the policy was to shoot horse thieves on the spot. From a brief inquiry it seems that no horse thieves have ever been shot at the Room. It is unclear if this is because horses thieves knew better and stayed away or if they abided our policy. Anyway, horse thieves suck.



For over a decade, before Room 77 transitioned to being Stube and the end of capitalism, the food menu presented to every table had the following picture and words which is now taped to a wall at the Room. One regular had thought DMB was some sort of movie star or race car driver. Luckily, more information was recently discovered about this artifact.

David Mitchel Beg, or DMB, was known in both Berlin and London to be perhaps the best bartner in the world. Tragically, DMB died 1 week after the Room opened. Local legend has it that one of the main reasons JΓΆrg opened the Room was to hire DMB (to make great cocktails, of course), but also to enforce some means of “retirement planning” for DMB who was almost certainly never going to do such a thing on his own accord.

The official Berlin police report stated DMB died within 9 secs from an accidental self-inflicted knife wound to the eye wilst cutting cheese on his bed. Rumor also has it, DMB was heartbroken over a woman at the time. Additional info is unknown as this happened before the digitization of everything really took swing in early 2010s. It is assumed “R’n’RIP” stands for “Rock n’ Roll in Peace”. What is known is almost no one on planet Earth rocks a sharp haircut like DMB does in this picture.


Other than that we’re too fucking cool to brag about ourselves through port 80 and instead let others do that for us. Just scroogle us!